Susanne Lang – Cashmere

Perfume: Cashmere
Perfumer: Susanne Lang
Source: Luckyscent
Size: 1mL

Luckyscent notes: amber, incense, saffron, spices

Date: 9/16/07 Weather: 70 degrees

Wearing: vanilla. Close to skin. Amber and incense and almost citrusy 5 minutes in. It gets a bit powdery on the dry-down – vanilla and rose. Not catching much incense. The amber and spice fades fast.

Comments: This is a linear scent. Boyfriend thinks this is “old ladyish.” I don’t agree but I’ve seen more than one comment along those lines.

Date: 12/15/07 Weather: 32 degrees, drizzly

Comments: Starts floral and musky. A bit astringent. Picks up vanilla and cinnamon with an aquatic note. Strangely, my cat Spike was highly attracted to this scent and started licking the spot on my wrist where I had applied it. Don’t know if this is a good thing or not…..

Date: 3/12/08 Weather: 45 degrees, sunny

Comments: Again starts slightly floral and musky. Quickly evolves into a pretty vanilla musk with some spices. Again, not much evolution to this one and not picking up anything that resembles incense or saffron. Just what I was in the mood for today.

Date: 10/11/08 Weather: 65 degrees, evening

Comments: Starts with a citric blast with some vanilla and musk. Goes woody vanillic musk for 30 minutes then morphs to the vanilla musk blend. The next morning – still there, but spicy and slightly incensed. A lot more evolution on this one than previously – which could be the decant aging. Also noticed that the sillage on this one is quite strong, especially of over-applied. Behaves very differently with each wearing.

Now Smell This (Dry Oil)


~ by Wendy Wickham on January 13, 2008.

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