People of the Labyrinths – AMAZE

Perfume: AMAZE
House: People of the Labyrinths
Source: Luckyscent
Size: 1mL Parfum

Luckyscent Notes: Henna, Saffron, Taif Rose, Orange Blossom, Wardia Rose, Agarwood, Sandalwood, Musk, Civet.

Date: 9/5/07 Weather: 75 degrees

Wearing: Starts with patchouli, rose and woods. 5 minutes in, picks up a bit of berry. In 10 minutes – rose, orange blossom and some wood. In 30 minutes, rose, wood and civet. 1 hour – rose, wood, musk and civet. Faint and wears close. Wears about 3 hours.

Comment: Nice woody floral with a hint of patchouli and a base of rose. Develops a funk at the base. Not entirely unpleasant but not a smell I’d go searching for either.

Date: 9/19/07 Weather: 65 degrees

Comment: Kinda rosy this time. Still develops a weird funk, like someone puked a couple of days ao. As I wore this, kept wondering if I had accidentally puked in my bathrobe or the boyfriend hadn’t washed his shirt after a bender.

Date: 1/28/08 Weather: 33 degrees and sunny

Comment: Starts with roses, then a saffron/oud note appears. Begins to remind me of some of the Montale Oud/Roses combos, with more roses. After 15 minutes, becomes woody and floral. Stays this way for a couple of hours – then the Orange Blossom makes an appearance. No pukey smell this wearing (thank goodness). Gone after 4 hours.

Date: 7/2/08 Weather: 84 degrees, sunny

Comment: Roses with a little saffron and oud. After 50 minutes, a really annoying honey smell appears and sticks around for the duration (about 5 hours). Note to self – wear this one in cold weather to avoid the weird honey/pukey note.

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~ by Wendy Wickham on January 13, 2008.

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