Juliette Has a Gun – Lady Vengeance

Perfume: Lady Vengeance
House: Juliette Has a Gun
Perfumer: Francis Kurkdijan
Source: The Perfumed Court
Size: 1mL

Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Patchouli, Vanilla

Date: 8/28/07 Weather 70 degrees at 3:30am

Wearing: Floral (roses, geranium, bergamot) with a bit of powder. In 5 minutes, picks up a greenish note and some citrus with the flowers. In 10 minutes – becomes straight powder. 20 minutes in – disappears to a light powder. 30 minutes – wood appears (cedar and sandalwood). Then becomes a combination of alcohol and wood. Finally, at 45 minutes – get the dry-down of amber, vanilla and wood.

Comments: Starts as another inoffensive floral. Disappears and comes back as something else. Powder. Disappears and comes back as something else. Wood. Disappears and comes back as something else. For whatever reason, this scent got me thinking about Jennifer Garner’s character in Alias. Too bad I find each of the stages Meh.

Date: 12/16/07 Weather: 35 degrees, breezy

Comments: Light rose scent. A little spicy. Becomes patchouli on the drydown. Inoffensive and nothing special. Could wear this to work.

Date: 1/19/08 Weather: 37 degrees and drizzly

Comments: This is layered over old and scrubbed Sage Turquoise. Still smelling the musk from the previous scent. This wearing, Lady Vengeance is Roses. the 2nd stage is Roses and Vanilla. I’m really liking this particular stage since the vanilla is laced through the roses in such a way to make the roses spicy and interesting. The 3rd stage is a musky amber. Pretty. Not sure if its the combination with the old Sage Turquoise or if it is the fragrance itself, but I’m liking the dry-down on this. Almost gone after 5 hours.

Date: 7/2/08 Weather: 78 degrees, sunny

Comments: Starts a greenish rose with a slight bit of wood. The second stage – a spicy rose with some amber. The third stage, this time, smells almost incensed. Each stage seems to appear about 30 minutes after the last. The 4th stage, patchouli with a whiff of pee. 30 minutes later, the 5th stage – incense, roses and vanilla. Gone at the 6th stage.

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~ by Wendy Wickham on January 11, 2008.

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