Il Profumo – Patchouli Noir

Perfume: Patchouli Noir
House: Il Profumo
Source: The Perfumed Court
Size: 1mL Sample

Notes: aromatic woods, spicy resins, red flowers

Date: 8/23/07 Weather: 65 degrees, evening

Wearing: Starts somewhat astringent. Lighter than expected and more alcoholic to start. Sweetens to something a bit more familiar – a floral patchouli. Still light. Somewhat woody. Evolves to a cedar/patchouli blend. In 5 minutes – more of a sandalwood/patchouli.

Comments: I was feeling anosmic that day and having a very hard time smelling this scent. Strikes me as an interesting patchouli on the woody side. Seems oddly light – either that or my nose is really out of whack.

Date: 9/1/07 Weather: 83 degrees

Comments: Nice light patchouli. Hangs better than the last time. The dry-down has patchouli and vanilla.

Date: 12/09/08 Weather: 45 degrees, cloudy

Comments: Patchouli, hint of flowers, hint of a sweet resin. Enjoy this stuff – especially when I am in the mood for patchouli. Something in here almost reads as cocoa powder. There is also a dustiness to this scent.

Date: 4/24/09 Weather: 60 degrees, sunny

Comments: Patchouli with a healthy lashing of vanilla. About the 3 hour mark – I’m picking up a hint of mint with the patchouli and vanilla. 5 hours in – more vanilla and more floral (roses?). Almost gone by the 6 hour mark. Too bad – enjoying the evolution of this one.

Perfume Smellin’ Things
Nathan Branch

~ by Wendy Wickham on January 10, 2008.

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