Montale – Sweet Oriental Dream

Perfume: Sweet Oriental Dream
Perfumer: Montale
Source: LuckyScent
Size: 1mL EdP

Perfumer Notes: Roses Centifolia, Loukoum, Almonds, Vanilla, Honey

Date: 8/13/07 Weather: 90 degrees and dry

Wearing: Top notes are roses, vanilla and powder. Heart introduces roses and more vanilla with some spices. Becomes spicier on drydown. Lasts a long time.

Comments: Sweet and very yummy. Use sparingly since it can be very strong.

Date: 8/30/07 Weather: 80 degrees

Comments: Yummy,yummy,yummy. Spices, vanilla, roses, a hint of powder. I feel like I smell GOOD. Love the dry down and silliage. Obscenely comforting.

Date: 9/10/07 Weather: 90 degrees and VERY humid

Comments: Layered this with almost finished Narciso Rodriguez for Her. Vanilla, Roses and Almond. A bit plasticky this time. I suspect it’s the heat.

Date: 9/20/07 Weather: N/A

Comments: Wore it this afternoon in the office. Today, it feels heavy, suffocating, plastic. Might be a bit much for my mood this morning.

Date: 10/1/07 Weather: About 75 degrees.

Comments: LOVE this scent today. The same fabulous vanilla/rose/almond notes without the plasticky tone. Makes me wonder what triggers the plastic.

Date: 1/16/07 Weather: 30 degrees, cold evening

Comments: Seems more floral this wearing than past wearings. Still a powerful fragrance. Still has that powder note wrapped around the almonds and roses. Relaxing – but it will dominate anything you attempt to eat or drink. Case in point – this stuff makes gin martinis (dry with olives) taste TERRIBLE. I found myself having cravings for vanilla ice cream with chocolate sprinkles.

Subsequent wearings: Sometimes I love this scent. It’s all dessert-y, sweet goodness. Sometimes I hate it, the plasticine note makes an appearance. I was never able to predict which version would show up on any given wearing. In some ways, this makes for an interesting scent. Ultimately, I hated the unpredictability.

Retired, finished samples – 5/29/08

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1mL to TaoLady 3/14/08 – 1mL still available.


~ by Wendy Wickham on January 6, 2008.

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