Bvlgari – Omnia Amethyst

Perfume: Omnia Amethyst
House: Bvlgari
Source: Sephora
Size: 1mL EdT

Sephora Notes:
Top: Green Sap, Pink Grapefruit
Heart: Iris Flower, Bulgarian Rosebud
Base: Heliotrope, Solar Wood

Date: 8/9/07 Weather: 100 degrees out.

Wearing: 1st spray smells like black pepper, arugula and grass. Within 5 minutes: black pepper, coriander seed, ginger and sandalwood. 10 minutes in – woods, spicy roses and carnation. Final base – spicy rose and wood. Gone in 30 minutes.

Comments: Shares a powdery accord on my skin with Dior Addict. This seems to be a cooler weather / environment fragrance. It’s a bit headache inducing in hot weather. Omnia Amethyst evolves very quickly – you hit the base in 15 minutes after the first spray. Not lasting.

Date: 8/26/07 Weather: 90 degrees

Comments: Seems floral. A bit fresh. Still doesn’t really smell like me, but reasonably inoffensive. Still powdery, green, woody, roses, some spice. Doesn’t last very long – maybe 2 hours.

Subsequent comments: Started wearing this as an office scent in the fall. Used it as one of the least offensive things in my wardrobe that wouldn’t scare my office mates when I reapplied midday.

Date: 10/12/07 Weather: 60 degrees

Comments: Light floral. Top black pepper and green. Then becomes spicy with a bit of grapefruit. This scent performs much better in cooler weather. Started to use this as an office fragrance.

Date: Sometime in November Weather: 60 degrees and clear

Comments: Green and sharp citrus laced with flowers. Becomes more green and woody floral on wearing.

Date: 11/24/07 Weather: 40 degrees and clear

Comments: Lighter citrus this time. Green with flowers. Again, becomes green and woody floral and stays linear. Wouldn’t be upset to see another sample or small decant of this.

Finished sample – 11/24/07

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~ by Wendy Wickham on January 6, 2008.

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